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Professional Bikini Wax

A Professional Bikini Wax is the removal of hair in and around the pubic region, by a qualified person using a good quality wax. Waxing of the bikini area is a very popular treatment for both my younger and older clients.

Visible pubic hair is widely disapproved of culturally, and is generally considered to be unsightly. This is the main reason why many women who don’t normally wax their bikini area on a regular basis will often choose to wax prior to going on holiday. It is on occasions such as this, when they are likely to be wearing a swimming costume in front of people they do not know, that they will want to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment and to comply with what is considered to be socially acceptable.

Removing hair to prevent it being visible when wearing a swim suit is a very basic bikini wax and involves just tidying up the area; sometimes this maybe only removing a small amount of hair from just outside edge of the bikini line area, or possible it may involve removing hair from the upper thighs also.

A much more popular form of bikini waxing is to have what’s considered a more advanced form of hair removal which will involves removing more or even all hair in the pubic area.

Other than the regular bikini wax some popular styles that are available include:

French Waxing, This will leave a strip of hair at the front; sometimes called a ‘landing strip’, that is approximately 4cm in width. Any hair further down and towards the back are not removed.

Brazilian Waxing, as with the French wax a strip of hair is left at the front, all other hair is removed.

Hollywood Waxing is the removal of all hair in the pubic region.

It is possible to perform a basic bikini area ‘tidy-up’ on yourself. There are many ways to achieve this, waxing, shaving, sugaring or depilatory creams. Each can have the desired effect but to achieve a longer lasting result it would be better to seek advise from a professional.

When considering some more advanced forms of hair removal then it is essential to get advice from a professional bikini wax specialist or beautician. Your beauty therapist will help you decided what’s best for you, explain the procedure in full so you know what to expect, and if you are still happy to go ahead with the waxing, perform the treatment to a professional standard. They should also supply you with appropriate aftercare advice, and explain what you should expect after a wax and how to care for your skin afterwards.