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Body Massage

Massage TherapyA Body Massage is certainly one of the most popular treatments amongst my clients and most of them will visit once a month for one. Those that visit me for the first time having never had a massage before always wish that they had tried it earlier and are eager to re book. So what is a body massage and how can it benefit you?

There are many different types of massages available stemming from different cultures and with  different objectives. Therefore, choosing the right one for you can depend on why you want or need a massage. You may have a specific physical condition that you hope may be helped or alleviated with a massage. You may wish to sooth muscle pain, increase your energy levels, or even just to relax and treat yourself. Massage is a holistic treatment which means it can have a positive effect on the body as a whole, further detail relating to this can be found in the Massage Therapy article.

If you are unsure which massage type suits you then I would suggest you discuss this with the therapist before booking the treatment. I they don’t seem to be able to answer your questions then seek advise from a therapist that does. This isn’t to discredit them as therapists, it maybe that massage isn’t their chosen area of expertise.

Once you have booked and arrived for your treatment there will be a few questions to ask and forms to sign. You will be asked for your personal details, medical history, lifestyle and about your general health. You may feel that this seems a bit intrusive; however, this is normal practice and is required for insurance purposes, not only that it could be that you are not suitable for a massage at that time. For example, you maybe in the early stages of pregnancy or have received cancer treatments within the last few months, or even be allergic to certain oils. The questions are asked for both yours and the therapists protection. In certain cases it maybe that a medical approval is required from your GP before a treatment can take place. Although it is very unlikely that a therapist will have to turn you away, please be aware they are just doing their job.

Once paperwork is out of the way the treatment can begin. In most massage cases the masseur will use their hands and elbows; in some massages the feet are used too. The Masseur will use a  medium to help the hands, elbows or feet glide better across the skin. In most cases oils are used, it maybe a basic carrier oil, for example almond or grape-seed oil or sometimes a pre blended aromatherapy oil that is appropriate for the individual. The depth of pressure used in a massage will vary depending on what type of massage you are having and the area of the body being massaged. A good Masseur will ask you whether the pressure is comfortable and whether you would like more or less pressure.

After your Body massage is complete you are highly likely to feel relaxed and calm. Depending on the type of massage you have had you could also experience, being so relaxed that you are almost sleep and dizzy, sometimes more energised and sometimes achy or bruised. What ever you feel it is best that you plan a massage when you have some spare time to relax and enjoy the benefits that it can have. My advise to anyone after a body massage would be, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, relax in a warm bath, have an early night and enjoy a good nights sleep.

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