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Full Body Massage

Woman Receiving A Full Body MassageFor many of us having a full body massage is viewed as a treat only to be enjoyed at certain times of the year, for example, birthdays or Christmas; possibly due to feelings of guilt at spending money on such luxury treatments any other time. It’s also easy for us to forget about our own health and wellbeing, as each busy day passes us by in a blur.

Unfortunately, it’s these demanding daily activities that can leave us feeling stressed and tense, a feeling that we can all relate to. Feeling stressed with our daily lives may seem the norm and so we tend to just get on with it. However, these seemingly minor feelings in turn could potentially lead to more serious illnesses and diseases arising.

We tend to notice the obvious symptoms of stress and tension, tight sore muscles or maybe headaches and insomnia, to give just a few examples.  A full body massage works wonders for these obvious symptoms, and  it can also help improve the working of other systems in the body that can be negatively affected by stress including:  The digestive system, lymphatic system and circulatory system.

So can a full body massage really help eliminate these stresses and tensions we feel? In short, yes!

Relaxation should begin as soon as you walk into the room, a warm, pleasantly lit room, with soft music playing should be awaiting you. Warmed oils are usually used, sometimes ones that have an aromatherapy effect. Once the massage begins you should be well and truly on your way to total relaxation. The therapist will work all areas of the body: arms, legs, abdomen and back. Obviously if you’d prefer some areas be avoided just let them know. The therapist will use their expertise, not only to relax you but to work on trigger points, (small contracted muscle knots) and to increase blood and oxygen flow to all areas of your body, removing built up toxins and encourage muscle repair. It’s important that you enjoy your experience; the therapist will follow your lead and won’t be offended if you don’t talk during the treatment, after all it’s all about you relaxing.

How Will You Benefit From A Full Body Massage?

The benefits of a full body massage seem to be limitless and will differ from person to person, depending on the individuals existing level of over-all health and their lifestyle. The majority of clients will notice an immediate improvement in their mobility and a feeling of clarity or lightness is often described. Other benefits may not always be obvious straightaway and the clients become aware of these once they have left and many continue for days after. Sleeping better, having more energy and a general feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing are benefits that many people report back.

Massage has been used for centuries in the East to maintain good health; thankfully in the West we are now becoming aware of its benefits to us.  I now have clients that have massages on a monthly or sometimes a weekly basis!!

There are many different types of massages available to you, it’s important to find a fully qualified massage therapist that can answer any questions you have and recommend the massage best suited to you and your requirements.