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Indian Head Massage

headmassageIndian Head Massage, also know as Champissage, originates from the traditional  Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda consists of  the words ayus meaning ‘longevity’ and veda meaning ‘knowledge/science’. The belief is that prevention is better than a cure.

Ayurveda bases its foundations in the physics of the 5 elements: Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire, together they  make up the whole universe, including our bodies. Ayurveda stresses a balance of three elemental energies, known as Doses, influence everything from physical characteristics to personality traits in humans. It is believed to have total health these energies must be in balance for the body to function at its best. When the energies are unbalanced the body will be affected  negatively in certain ways.

Practicing Ayurveda recognises that we each embody  all the elements but that the combination is unique to the individual. Throughout our lives we change and influence the balance and therefore the effects of the elements in several ways. With relation to Indian head Massage we can influence the balance  of energies through  stress and also through  grooming, both of which are addressed with an Indian head Massage.

Indian  head massage was Introduced to Britain by Narendra Meta. Having come to England to study he was disappointed to discover that head massages were not available. Head massage has always been an important part of Indian culture as a method of, healing, reliving pain and stress, so Narendra began to miss the regular massage sessions that he would receive by the local barber and relatives at home in India. Visually impaired since childhood, Narendra was extraordinarily receptive to touch therapy, and  so was also disappointed to discover that a full body massage also neglected the neck and head.  Narendra began researching the physiological benefits of Indian head massage, with his heighten sensitivity as a blind person he was able to discover which parts of the body reacted most positively to each move. He decided that he would start to formalise what he was experiencing and arrived at two conclusions: The treatment could be improved by including the face, neck upper arms and shoulders., as these are areas that typically accumulate tension and stress; and that by introducing an Ayurveda element into the massage the body’s entire energy system could be rebalanced.

Indian head massage has now been practiced since the 1970’s and has become an extremely popular complementary therapy in  western society. It embraces the holistic approach to health; that a healthy body is necessary and can only be achieved if mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of our being are address equally. So it is used by many qualified Therapists to help their clients reduce stress levels and fatigue. Increase mental clarity and hopefully feel relaxed and rejuvenated.