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Skin Care


At Guilliard’s Beauty we recognise that because all skin is different, so must skin care be; all our facial therapies and skin care products are tailored to your skin’s individual needs.

We understand that you want more that just relaxing and pampering, you want result driven treatments, which is why we use the Italian Luxury skin care range, Gerard’s. Using only the finest natural ingredients, which are scientifically enhanced to produce highly effective products, rich in essential oils, botanical and marine extracts.

Gerard’s facials are all about re-balancing the skin and leaving it feeling smoother and looking more radiant. The personalised facials have both purifying and repairing properties with visible and instant results, for every possible skin concern.

Gerard’s Express Facial

Revitalizing mini treatment. Perfect as a relaxing treat to fit into a busy day, or as an introduction to facials.

Treatment Time 30mins – £22.00

Gerard’s Prescription Facial

A highly effective and individually prepared treatment. Your beauty therapist will determine your personal prescription depending on your skins specific requirements.

Treatment Time Full hour – £40.00

Vitaminic Facial

Treat your skin to our potent, intensive vitamin cocktail mask and feed it with essential vitamins A,C & E to repair, calm & re-energise. This is the ultimate boost for stressed & tired skin, also suitable for skin prone to acne & sensitivity.

Treatment Time Full Hour – £50.00

Gerard’s Glycolic Facial

A perfectly safe chemical peel using 25% Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane. A result driven treatment, which targets fine lines, sun damage, open pores, acne and congestion. A skin tingling experience that will leave your skin deeply exfoliated and brightened.

Treatment time 1 hour 10 mins – £50.00

Where appropriate facials will incorporate the use of a facial electrical to maximise results.

Advanced Skin Care

These professional strength chemical exfoliation treatments use high levels of active ingredients to dramatically transform your skin, repairing and revitalising your skin by stimulating cell renewal. gloTheraputic peels remove dull surface skin cells to reveal a smoother brighter more even complexion. They are effective in improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or acne . refining pores and generally improving the skins tone, elasticity and texture. After an in-depth evaluation, your therapist will customise the peel that is best suited for you to achieve maximum results.


This highly effective mild peel removes the dry surface skin cells, whilst still retaining the skins moisture levels. Ideal for a dry, mature skin.

Single treatment £50.00
Course of 3 treatments £135.00


A medium strength peel that deeply cleanses the pores of impurities. With anti-bacterial properties it is ideal for oily or congested skin.

Single treatment £60.00
Course of 3 treatments £165.00

gloGlycolic  60%

This extremely popular peel promotes skin repair and regeneration, ideal for sun damaged and ageing skins.

Single treatment  £75.00
Course of 3 treatments  £210.00

gloModified Jessner

This highly effective peel offers the ultimate in skin resurfacing, reducing the visible signs of ageing, increasing cell turn over whilst improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Also effective in improving the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, acne and acne scarring.

Single treatment £85.00
Course of 3 treatments £240.00

gloRenew Serum

Can be applied to the skin for 2 weeks prior to Chemical Peels to enhance the results even more.


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