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Skin Care For Your Skin Type

As a specialist in beauty therapy, I have many clients that will tell me they clean their skin religiously but they still have problems and cannot understand why it is that their skin is still dry, or sensitive or that they still have break outs and so on….

A healthy, clear and glowing complexion is something we would all like to achieve.

The simple answer is their chosen skin care products are not suitable for their skin-type and are having a detrimental effect. By understanding what your type is and recognising factors that can influence its condition, for example, diet, health, age and environmental conditions; it is easier to choose the most appropriate and effective products for you.

So how do we achieve the ideal complexion? Firstly you need to know the basic skin types and associated conditions:

4 Skin Types

Skin Conditions

Normal Sensitive
Oily Dehydrated
Dry Mature

Daily Skin Care Routine
Now recognising characteristics of each will allows us to decide what type we are, its characteristics and how to treat it effectively.

Normal Type

  • Pore size small
  • Good elasticity
  • Free from blemishes
  • An even, smooth texture, soft to touch.

Oily Type

  • Pores enlarged
  • Skin is shiny
  • Comedones (black heads)
  • Pustules/papules (spots)
  • May develop acne
  • A course, think skin texture that may have scarring

Dry Types

  • Pores fine, maybe tight.
  • Flaky Patches
  • Milia (white spot) around eye area and cheeks
  • Fine network of wrinkles on the skins surface.
  • A flaky, thin skin texture

Combination Types

  • Pores Variable in size
  • Oily ‘T’ Zone
  • Dry areas, eyes, cheeks and neck
  • Skin texture can be course on the ‘T’Zone- chin, nose and forehead and finer over cheek area.

Combination is by far the most common type, as many of us have characteristics that are a mixture of different skin types.

Skin Care Treatments For Skin Conditions

Once you have established your type it is then necessary to discover which condition you have and how to recognise which one applies to your skin care.


  • Skin flushes easily
  • Dilated capillaries can be found in certain areas
  • Wrinkles prematurely
  • Burns easily in the sun
  • Prone to dermatitis and eczema
  • Flaky areas.
  • Skin can appear thin and delicate


  • Pores maybe blocked with a dry layer over them
  • Skin looks dull and tired
  • Expression lines are exaggerated
  • Comedones and milia become trapped under dry layer
  • Lacks moisture
  • Skin can feel tight and irritated.

Mature 25+

  • Loss of muscle tone and elasticity
  • Hyper-pigmentation (dark patches on the skins surface)
  • Deep expression lines
  • Prone to superficial hair, increase in moles and couperose, (dilated red blood vessels)
  • Skin can appear lines and crepy

So are you combination prone to dehydration or maybe dry prone to sensitivity? I hope that now it is much easier for you to recognise your specific type and condition and that you can care for your skin with the appropriate products.

If you would like one of our qualified beauty therapy specialists to guide you through the ideal skin care routine, and provide recommendations of products that are suitable for you, then take a look at “The Perfect Skin Care Routine.”

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