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Glycolic Acid Peel Facial Treatment

Glycolic Acid peel facial treatments are the most popular and commonly used facial rejuvenation treatments available. They are a very effective treatment, results are usually obvious to the client after the first session and further enhanced with future treatments. With such positive results at a relatively low price it’s clear to see why they are so popular. The fact that this treatment can be derived from naturally occurring Glycolic acid, found in sugar-cane, sugar beets, pineapple, cantaloupe and unripened grapes, only adds to its popularity.

Glycolic Acid Strength

Glycolic Acid peels are considered superficial peels as they only penetrate through the epidermis and papillary dermis (the upper layers of the skin), to an approximate depth of 0.6mm. As a qualified Beauty Therapist it is possible to use glycolic acid in concentrations of 20% plus, home kits can be purchased with concentrations of between 10-20%. In addition to the concentration pH also plays an important role in determining the potency of the glycolic acid in solution. For example Doctors are able to use a peel which has a pH as low as 0.6,( battery acid has a pH 0 and sulfuric acid a pH of 1),so glycolic acid is strong enough to completely breakdown the epidermal layer of the skin. Whereas, many home kits have a pH of approximate 2.5, (vinegar has a pH of 2 and orange juice a pH of 3), so have quite a weak glycolic acid in comparison.

The procedure includes a thorough cleanse, followed by the application of a pre-glycol solution, which removes the hydro-lipidic film from the skins surface, preparing the skin for the absorption of the glycol gel. Once the Glycol gel is applied you may experience a slight stinging sensation, this is perfectly normal. The time that the gel is left on the skin will increase with each treatment, from possibly 3 to 4 minutes for the first treatment up to 12 to 14 minutes. The gel is neutralised after the desired period of time. To finish a soothing massage followed by an appropriate mask, tone and moisturise

Glycolic Acid Peel – The Results

Glycolic AcidThe Glycolic Acid Peel Facial offered at Guilliard’s Beauty is an effective yet pampering treatment to correct unsightly imperfections related to ageing, sun damage, congestion and acne. It’s effective because the glycolic acid has the smallest molecular weight; meaning it has the best absorbency and highest capacity to penetrate the skin. Thereby the glycolic acid removes the keratinised cells and penetrates deep down, promoting the production of cells in the germination layer, making it radiant and smooth, besides as acting as a regulator for sebum. It promotes a fast skin exfoliation and thereby stimulating the fibroblast reproduction and the production of collagen. The glycolic acid peel therefore results in fresher, healthier looking skin with a more plumped-up appearance.

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