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The Perfect Skin Care Routine

As a specialist in beauty therapy, it never ceases to amaze me what some people use to ‘clean’ their face as part of their skin care routine; washing up liquid is one that sticks in my mind!

I cannot stress enough how important a skin care routine appropriate for your skin type is. If you have read my article on “Skin Types” you will be aware that the skin is officially classed as ‘mature’ once we reach 25 years of age. This means that if we don’t look after ourselves, the signs of ageing could start to show themselves even in the mid twenties.Beauty Therapy Skin Care Routine

So, what does the perfect skin routine consist of and why is it necessary? 3 simple stages: Cleanse, Toner and Moisturise.

Cleansing is the first stage, a good quality cleanser will remove make-up, dirt and dead cells, (desquamation), help prevent pore becoming blocked and will prepare the skin for the next stages of the skin care routine.

Toning follows the cleanse, it will remove any last traces of cleanser, refreshes the skin and tightens the pores, improving the skins texture and preparing the skin for the final stage of the routine.

Moisturiser, will protect the skin from environmental factors and mimic the natural secretions of the skin, so keeping it soft, supple and preventing evaporation of the skin’s moisture.

This skin care routine should be performed morning and evening, everyday.

In the beauty industry this is considered a superficial cleanse of the skin and ideally the skin needs a ‘deep’ cleanse regularly too. Obviously in the treatment room as therapists we are able to perform a deep cleanse using methods that are not available to the general public. However, there are exfoliators and masks for retail that will certainly help.

Exfoliating the skin once or twice a week will accelerate cell turnover, improving the skin’s texture, lightening and softening the complexion and allowing better absorption of the chosen mask application.

By following an appropriate skin care routine, and recognising other external factors that will affect the health of your skin, you will be well on the way to clear, glowing and younger looking skin.